The old adage that ‘a man is only as good as the tools he uses’ rings particularly true in the automotive industry, where the proper tools and equipment is ‘de rigueur’ to get the job done effectively and professionally. With years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the complete range of manufacturers, we have sourced the best tools and equipment on the market to ensure our customers enjoy the most professional service available. Our range is made to last and as experience reminds us,it is always more cost effective to opt for the best, rather than the cheapest tools.We ensure thatyou buy equipment and tools that offer both quality and economy. Car+Color’s stock of TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT manufactured by highly acclaimed top brands include:

Battery Chargers, Solar Chargers, Starter Chargers, Electro Start, Battery Power Start, Electronic Charger, Electronic Starter, Heavy Duty Booster Cables, Road Start – Mobile Emergency Power Pack, Emergency Power Pack with Air Compressor, Jump Starter Power Pack, Tool cabinets, Automotive Service and Diagnostics Tool, Air Jacks, Trolley Jacks, Bottle Jacks, Transmission Jacks, Cranes, Axle Stands, Creepers and Seats, Engine Stands, Forklift Jack, Scissor Jacks, Jacking Beams, Tie Downs, Ramps and Chocks, Towing Accessories, Lighting Brackets, Trailer Boards, Transmission Jacks, Vehicle Lifts, Wheel removal Trolley, Winches, Work Lights, Heaters (Butane, Electric, Paraffin/Kerosene, Diesel, Propane), Ventilators, Air Coolers, Blowers, Dehumidifiers, Hand Tools and Sockets, Power Tools, Drills, Grinders, Screwdrivers, Sanders, Polishers, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Ratchet Wrenches, Metal Saws, Riveters, Work-floor Ramps, Barrel Bunds, Spill Trays, Arc Welders, MIG Welders, Body Trim Tools, Impact Drivers, Fuel Cans, Funnels, Oil Drainers, Grease Guns, Fluid Transfer, Oil Dispensing, Drain Pans, Drum Handling, Containers, Air Tools, Construction Tools, Cordless Tools, Air Compressors, Abrasives, Electrical, Reels, Paint Finishing Equipment, Sanding and Polishing, Tool Boxes, Car Seat Covers, Floor Mats, Steering Wheel Covers and Airline Accessories.

Feel free to ask for any vehicle part not listed and we will supply it.


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