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Car+Color can provide an extensive range of cosmetic products to maintain your car’s untarnished immaculate appearance. These quality branded items will maintain your vehicle interior and exterior in its perfect original condition. To enhance the application of these products we also provide a variety of tools to ensure a professional finish. For exterior car care they include:

Pressure Washers, Pressure Washer Accessories, Tyre Buffers,Car Care Kits, Traffic Film Remover, Vinyl and Plastic Remover, Fabric and Carpet Cleaner, Tyre and Rubber Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Metal Polishes and Sealants, Vehicle Shampoos, Snow and Foam Lances, Specialist Cleaners, Wheel Cleaners and Paint, Tools for the Task, Specialist Brushes, Engine Degreasers and Dressings, Brake Cleaner, De Icer, Detergent Degreaser, Tar ‘N’ Glue, Rust ’N’ Clean, Aluminium Cleaner, Descaler, Screen Wash, Plastic Renovator, Rubber Sheen, Silicone Tyre and Trim Dressing, Vinyl Renovator, Buffing Pads, Paint Prep and restoration, Headlight Restoration, Car Wax, Scratch Remover.

Does your car interior look jaded – is the upholstery/fabric stained and in need of a shampoo and wash. Is the cockpit and dash dull and in need of restoration – does the trim need revitalisation – has the windscreen become misty and lost its sheen. Are the carpets tatty and stained and in need of reinvigoration – then you have come to the right place to resolve these cosmetic issues and return your car to its former glory?

For interior Car Care we stock an extensive range of products including:
Aroma Car Fresheners, Air Conditioning Sanitisers, Carpets and Upholstery Products – Fabric Foam, Cockpit and Trim, Specialist Wipes and Cloths, Hand Care Products and Skin Safety and Protection Products, Applicators, Applicator Accessories.






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