Trading for over forty years in the automotive business, Starchema UK based Company, supply automotive paint refinishing equipment and consumables to the trade. Their products enjoy the reputation of being top quality, having a high standing with professionals in the paint refinish industry. Their range of Tools and Equipment includes: Air Hose Fittings, Air Tools, Knives and Blades, Electric Tools, Air Driers, Spray Guns, Spray Gun Washers, Panel and Bumper Stands, Paint Strainers, Mixing Cups and Protective Work Wear. Starchem also supply consumables such as: Sponges and Chamois Leathers, Tack Cloths, Lambswool Bonnets, Polishing and Compound Heads, Stockinette, Masking Tape, Abrasives, Fillers and Sealers, Spray Booth Filters and Adhesive Tape.