Selden Autostyle have been in business since 1968 in the UK and in more recent years have successfully researched, developed and manufactured a variety of cleaners for the automotivre industry. Their commitment to quality products and services is well recognised by the professionals in the trade. Their comprehensive directory of automotive cleaning products comprises Non Silicone Sprays, Brake Cleaner, Multi Task Cleaner, Fabric Foam, De-Icer, Detergent Degrease, Glass n’Plastic Cleaner, Engine Degreaser, Tar n’Glue Remover, Rust n’Chrome Cleaner, Aliminium Cleaner and Descaler, Screen Wash, De Waxer, Plastic Renovator, Car Polish, Rubber Clenze, Rubber Sheen,  Fabri cn’Seat Interior Cleaner, Interior Deodorisers, New Trim Cleaner, Traffic Film Remover, Shampoos.