With over 110 years of experience in producing the ultimate range of car washes, cleaners, compounds, waxes and polish, Meguiars supply the most technologically advanced and top performing car care products on the market. They provide the perfect solution for your paintwork cleanse, restoring your paint colour to its richest, deepest original gloss. Return your wheels to good as new with “Hot Rims”, renew your vinyl with Trim Detailer, Natural Shine, Vinyl Protectant or NXT Tech Project, freshen your tyres with Endurance Tyre Gel and NXT next generation Rubber treatment, restore your leather’s gleaming finish with Mirror Bright leather cleaner – then admire the magic of Meguiar’s professional finish.

For application and removal of their cleaning, polishing and waxing products Meguiars supply a range of foam applicators and microfibre mitts. There is also a range of terry towels and Supreme Shine Microfibres for removing the residues and providing that professional paintwork finish.


Their inventory of car care products also includes:


Ultimate Wash and Wax, Ultimate Compound, Ultimate Polish, Deep Crystal Wax, MT320 Ultimate Meguiar’s Dual Action Polisher Kit
Quick Interior Detailer
Hot Rims, All Wheel Tyre Cleaner
Leather Cleaning Conditioner System
Engine Cleaning
Endurance Tyre Gel
Deep Crystal System
D A Power System
2 Step Convertible Systems
All Purpose Cleaner
Ultimate Black
NXT generation line of products
Mirror Bright Vinyl & Rubber Treatment
Mirror Bright Leather
Headlight Protectant
Meguiar’s Quick Air Re-Freshers
Polishing Pack