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With over 110 years of experience in producing the ultimate range of car washes, cleaners, compounds, waxes and polish, Meguiars supply the most technologically advanced and top performing car care products on the market. They provide the perfect solution for your paintwork cleanse, restoring your paint colour to its richest, deepest original gloss. Return your wheels to good as new with “Hot Rims”, renew your vinyl with Trim Detailer, Natural Shine, Vinyl Protectant or NXT Tech Project, freshen your tyres with Endurance Tyre Gel and NXT next generation Rubber treatment, restore your leather’s gleaming finish with Mirror Bright leather cleaner – then admire the magic of Meguiar’s professional finish.

For application and removal of their cleaning, polishing and waxing products Meguiars supply a range of foam applicators and microfibre mitts. There is also a range of terry towels and Supreme Shine Microfibres for removing the residues and providing that professional paintwork finish.


Their inventory of car care products also includes:


Ultimate Wash and Wax, Ultimate Compound, Ultimate Polish, Deep Crystal Wax, MT320 Ultimate Meguiar’s Dual Action Polisher Kit
Quick Interior Detailer
Hot Rims, All Wheel Tyre Cleaner
Leather Cleaning Conditioner System
Engine Cleaning
Endurance Tyre Gel
Deep Crystal System
D A Power System
2 Step Convertible Systems
All Purpose Cleaner
Ultimate Black
NXT generation line of products
Mirror Bright Vinyl & Rubber Treatment
Mirror Bright Leather
Headlight Protectant
Meguiar’s Quick Air Re-Freshers
Polishing Pack


Malco, a well established and trusted US Company,has been producing professional Car Care products for the automotive industry since 1953. They manufacture a comprehensive range of chemical cleaners that have wide distribution over three continents and have set high standards in America and Europe with the consistent excellent quality of their cleaning products. These include: Car Wash Shampoos, Car Waxes and Polishes, Buffing Compounds, Solvent/ Water Based/Aerosol Dressings, Speciality Cleaners, Interior Products such as – Carpet and Interior Cleaners, Odorisers, Dyes and Paints, Extrax Machines and Chemicals, Headlight Restorative Cleaners and Hand Cleaners.


Autoday carry a wide range of Car Care Products including: Traffic Film Remover, Vinyl and Plastic Renovator, Tyre and Rubber Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Polishes, Vehicle Shampoo, Specialist Cleaners, Wheel Cleaners and Paint, Car Hygiene, Carpets and Upholstery, Cockpit and Trim, Glass Cleaners, Wipes and Cloths, Handcare Products, Skin Safety and Protection Products, Tools and Equipment including brushes and other applicators.


Operating for more than half a century as an automotive Refinishing Supplier, Presta have developed and manufacture the finest of refinishing products for the industry. Their Cutting Compounds are designed to be fast and efficient and they supply a range of these products for every conceivable surface. They also supply a range of Buffing Equipment to compliment their buffing compounds and to produce the best possible finish. Presta Paints are the result of much research into developing the most efficient chemicals to produce an extraordinary degree of smooth, shiny finish.

Selden Autostyle

Selden Autostyle have been in business since 1968 in the UK and in more recent years have successfully researched, developed and manufactured a variety of cleaners for the automotivre industry. Their commitment to quality products and services is well recognised by the professionals in the trade. Their comprehensive directory of automotive cleaning products comprises Non Silicone Sprays, Brake Cleaner, Multi Task Cleaner, Fabric Foam, De-Icer, Detergent Degrease, Glass n’Plastic Cleaner, Engine Degreaser, Tar n’Glue Remover, Rust n’Chrome Cleaner, Aliminium Cleaner and Descaler, Screen Wash, De Waxer, Plastic Renovator, Car Polish, Rubber Clenze, Rubber Sheen,  Fabri cn’Seat Interior Cleaner, Interior Deodorisers, New Trim Cleaner, Traffic Film Remover, Shampoos.


Roar, with over thirty years experience, is a UK based Company supplying products to the Automotive Refinishing Trade. Their component inventory comprises Applicators, Paints, Compounds, Glazes, Waxes, Wipes, Scratch Removers, Polishes and both Consumer and Professional Car Care.

Imperial Crash Repair Parts

Imperial Crash Repair Parts have been in business since 1992. They incorporated a number of similar businesses at that point and have since supplied the trade with collision or renovation repair parts. They have justifiably earned a reputation for sterling customer service in the interim and supply the industry with automotive parts such as Bonnets, Bumpers, Lighting, Mirrors, Inner Panels, Radiators, Sills, Rear Wheel Arches, Sheet Metal and much more!


USC – ( US Chemicals and Plastics), is an American Company that manufactures products for the Finish Flag brand. USC sets the gold standardfor top quality factors deployed in the vehicle collision/repair industry. With more than fifty five years  experience in the trade USC have developed and are continuing to improve all their products for greater customer satisfaction.  Their body repair and refinishing  consumables include: fillers, putties, fibreglass repair, masking paints, coatings, adhesives, aerosols, abrasives and other accessories. These high performance products are held in very high esteem by the professionals in the industry.


PromaticPaints supply a range of top quality refinishing products for the automotive industry. Their paints have been developed to produce consistently excellent results and their competitive price does not compromise on the quality of the ingredients. Promatic paints and aerosols encompass primers, matt, satin and gloss with specialist paint for high temperatures in many colours.. There are also particularprotective aerosols for renovating bumpers, alloys and stone chips and for the underbody of vehicles.

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